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Taurus Weekly Horoscope


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WEEK OF June 20 – 2 6, 2022

That tickle in your back, Taurus, is nothing to call the doctor about. It’s just your social butterfly wings unfolding for the social season that awaits! This Tuesday, June 21, the Sun cruises into Cancer, kicking off a monthlong journey through your people-loving third house. After four industrious weeks, step out and regale the crowds with your magnetic presence! No need to travel far to find “your people.” Between now and July 22, the local scene provides the warm, welcoming environment a Taurus craves. Do your part to keep it thriving by popping into neighborhood boutiques and patronizing mom-and-pop shops. (Yes, even if it IS more convenient to Prime everything.) Rather than plunking down at your favorite watering holes, circulate and see what you discover.

Since Cancer season is a fabulous time for friend gatherings, appoint yourself entertainment director. You’ll level up the fun factor with your excellent planning powers—pool parties, festival road trips, “rose and crochet” crafting nights, whatever! You might even team up with an area venue to coordinate open-mics or film screenings. This cooperative solar cycle is ideal for joining forces and you’ll discover synergies with everyone you meet. Surprise: A competitor might even become a collaborator in the coming four weeks. But test the waters with a short-term project to see how your styles mesh.

On Wednesday, June 22, your ruler Venus shifts into Gemini, luxuriating in your sensual second house until July 17. While you won’t feel quite as sexed-up as you did while Venus was in Taurus these past four weeks, the desire for skin-to-skin contact will be plenty strong. Bring on the hand-poured candles, Mulberry silk dresses and Michelin-rated cuisine. Book all those massages and salon appointments you’ve been putting off. Stop to smell every rose, from the ones in early bloom in your garden to the essences captured in your favorite eau de parfums.

Venus is the cosmic love goddess, and for the next few weeks, slow and steady is her preferred groove. With eloquent Gemini energy in the equation, pillow talk and phone sex could be as exciting as “the act” itself. Coupled Bulls might be happiest at home, but DO get out for a few decadent date nights. Single? Those getting-to-know-you coffee meetups can be the ultimate test of discernment. You need an artisanal roast, not some “average joe,” and you’ll quickly see who knows their small batch from their 101 Starbucks. Remember, however, that love is a two-way street: Pay attention to bae’s preferences while also sharing your own. And don’t freak out if the two of you diverge here and there. Knowing how to please one another is part of the adventure. While you’re delivering a sermon on non-synthetic fibers, listen closely to THEIR cues and clues. 

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