Privacy Policy

Regulation on Privacy

Greetings to (the “Site”) to We are absolutely apprised of the fact that the visitors of our page must be concerned about their privacy while doing business on the internet. This statement governs our privacy policy for any and all the people coming to the webpage who do not enroll for a commercial transaction on the site and who utilize the various services offered by Feed Avenue (collectively, “Service”) (hereafter, “Approved Clients”).

“Personally Identifiable Information”

This means any fact, data, or evidence that can be taken into account to connect, recognize, or find the person with whom it pertains, including names, addresses, personal details, telephone numbers, email accounts, economic records, and social security card, and payment particulars. Information received covertly (that is, without the real user’s identity) or demographic characteristics that are unconnected to the individual specified shouldn’t be used in personally identifiable information.

What information is gathered that is personally identifiable?

We can gather basic user profile data from all of the people coming to our site.

The under given further data is provided to us by our verified clients:

the usernames, connections, contact information, and mailing addresses of our authorized customers; company kind and structure; and the kind and volume of the inventories of advertisements that the authorized customer decides to purchase or trade.

What organizations are gathering the info?

In addition to the data we already have, this data will come from 3rd party service providers (including such as banking, financial institutions, and credit card issuers) who could supply solutions like loans, health coverage, and escrow. We might not keep an eye on where these outside parties utilize this data. Nevertheless, we request that companies disclose how they are utilizing the personal data that has been provided to them by users and approved consumers. Any one of these third parties could be mediators acting just as transport connections and without keeping, maintaining, or making use of the data they gather.

How is Publicly Identifying Information used by the Site?

We utilize personally identifiable information to set up the Website, contract with appropriate service providers, and to meet demand and supply requests on the Website. Emails will be sent to users and enrolled clients with information on analysis and evaluation, the purchase and selling of website opportunities, or content pertinent to the website’s particular topic. Moreover, we may also utilize personally-identifying information to get in touch with visitors and authorized users to respond to inquiries or to deliver necessary data.

To whom would the data be shared?

The individually identifiable data of existing members may be shared with other authorized clients to discuss potential transactions with other authenticated users. Collected information regarding our users, including their demography and authorized clients, may be disclosed to our affiliated organizations and third-party partners for legal obligations. We also provide the option to “relinquish” of receiving material or calls from us or any entity acting in our direction.

How is Personally Identifiable Information stored?

Excluding the aforementioned uses, Feed Avenue keeps all Individually Identification data collected in strict confidence. Neither its employees nor third parties have access to the records.

What options are available to visitors regarding information collection, usage, and distribution?

By replying to messages as instructed or approaching us, users and authorized clients can choose not to obtain unwanted material from us, our vendors, or affiliated organizations.


A cookie is a sequence of information that a webpage saves on a user’s computer and that the user’s browsers send back to the site every time the visitors access it.

Does the Site Use Cookies?

Cookies are employed for a variety of things. To learn much more about activities and services that our customers select, we utilize cookies. We additionally deploy cookies to safeguard our enrolled consumers for privacy reasons. For illustration, the Qualified Consumer will be immediately turned out if a Certified Client is logged in and the Website isn’t used much more than 10 minutes. Before visiting, users who don’t even wish to just have cookies loaded on their computers could configure their respective browsers to refuse cookies. However, without such usage of cookies, certain website features may not operate as intended.

Cookies that are used by our technology providers:

Whenever people browse our site, various service facilitators’ cookies may be placed on their devices. In our Cookies Info section, you may get more details about the cookies that are being utilized.

How are log-in details used by FeedAvenue?

Feed Avenue gathers vast demographic data, such as internet protocol addresses, internet service providers, and browser forms, and utilizes it to operate the Website, assess patterns, track user behavior, and analyze trends.

What partners or service providers have access to Users’ and Authorized Customers’ Personally-Identifying Details on the Site?

Feed Avenue continues to engage in partnerships as well as other connections with something like a variety of merchants. The utilization or storage of this data is not protected by our privacy policy. Release of data or information that is used to identify personally following the law. We may disclose Personally Identifiable Information in response to a court ruling, search warrant, or a crime control institution’s demand for access to data. To protect the privacy of our users and authorized clients, we may also share individually identifiable information as necessary.

How does the Website keep Personally Identifiable Information protected?

All of the employees follow the same security procedures. The Personally-Identifying Information of our Visitors and Authorized Clients is only accessible to a selected group of qualified personnel who have been issued a login. We regularly review our privacy policies and practices. To safeguard data communicated over the Web, encrypted techniques are used to defend personal information like banking information or security numbers. Even though we take reasonable measures to maintain a safe webpage but bear it in your mind that digital communications and computers are prone to mistakes, manipulation, and breach. We never guarantee or promise that certain situations won’t happen, and we are not liable for them for users or approved clients.

How can users correct any mistakes in their personally identifiable information?

Users and other enrolled customers may approach us at [email protected] to amend or correct any personally identifying information concerning themselves.

Can the users disable or remove the personally identifiable data the site has acquired about them?

By approaching them, visitors and authorized clients can request that their personally identifiable information be removed or deactivated from the Site’s servers. Owing to archives and complaints of deleting, it could be challenging to delete a user’s registration without keeping some residual information. The individuals who seek to have their personally identifiable information disabled will get that information effectively erased. We won’t move through with any plans to sell, transfer, or utilize that user’s personally identifiable information.

Your Rights                                                  

The legislation governing private information gives you some enumerated privileges.

  • The liberty to acquire
  • The freedom to be rectified
  • The privilege of deletion
  • The choice to restrict execution
  • The ability to refuse to process
  • Data transfer rights
  • The right to receive a report.
  • The ability to withdraw consent

What takes place if the privacy policy is altered?

We shall notify our customers or website viewers of any modifications to our privacy policy by posting such revisions on the Website. Imagine, though, if we alter our confidentiality policy in a manner that may prevent the disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information that a User or Approved Client has earlier asked for. In that situation, we shall get in touch with the User or Approved Client to prevent any exposure on their part.


There are hyperlinks to certain other web pages on Please realize that clicking on some of those hyperlinks will take you to a webpage. We strongly advise users to examine the privacy policies for these associated sites because their privacy policies may differ from ours.