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You are cordially welcome on Feed Avenue.

The terms & conditions for using our Feed Avenue site are shown below. 

Have a look at some of the key concepts that must be understood before analyzing the precise rules and regulations: Feed Avenue uses the pronouns “Company,” “we,” and “us.”

The pronouns “You,” “Client,” and “You’re” refer to website visitors.

One should keep in mind that these terms also apply to our other memoranda of understanding. The plural form is also suitable since the words’ case or any other minor/trivial alterations or tweaks do not affect their meaning. These are in compliance with applicable laws of the nation, which permit certain conditions to be applied to the payment necessary to complete any procedures to accept, authorize, and reflect. These processes are used to fulfill the client’s requirements for the organization’s stated services.


Feed Avenue and its affiliates hold and retain all intellectual property rights for the material that is made accessible online. You may view the data for your own individual use in accordance with the company’s provisions and other rules and regulations.

Please refrain from stealing, reorganizing, or reproducing any Feed Avenue content.

You must not imitate, distribute, lease, or reprint any Feed Avenue material because doing so will trigger legal actions.

Our platform, nevertheless, also enables you to contribute your viewpoints in specific areas. Feed Avenue won’t be held responsible for the remarks because they don’t represent or illustrates the company’s official intentions. The authority to delete and remove comments which do not follow the rules and regulations is still held.

You accept that:                                                   

Individuals are authorized to do so and have obtained all relevant permits and permissions to write remarks on our webpage. Please remember that opinions must not violate any other party’s copyright, patents, or proprietary rights.

Additionally, discussions really shouldn’t contain any defamatory, abusive, obscene, and otherwise prohibited material that might be construed as a breach of confidentiality.

Your remarks won’t be employed to solicit businesses, advertise current entrepreneurial enterprises, or encourage illegal behavior.

You thus expressly grant Feed Avenue a perpetual license to use, edit, execute, imitate, and oversee all of the written remarks in any manner.


Along with many other websites, Feed Avenue uses cookies as well. You automatically concur to the usage of cookies following viewing the privacy statement.

Responsibility for Content                                          

It’s indeed your responsibility to control all content on your website. Make absolutely sure that no 3rd party rights are violated while sharing hyperlinks.

Our Content Hyperlink                                          

We permit the following businesses to automatically connected to our site content :

  • Government agencies, Media outlets, search engines, internet retailers, and some other qualified companies.
  • The prerequisites for those organizations to be recognized are as follows: Failure to disclose the relationship as untrue and misleading suggests some ownership of our material.
  • Adhere to Feed Avenue rules while creating a connection.
  • Any extra directions provided at the time of confirmation will determine how any additional demands for permissions will be handled.

Frames Policy                                              

We never permit in any circumstances to any of our customers to build an impression that might change the shape of our website without prior authorization.

Removals of Link                                  

Links that seem incorrect, unclear, or objectionable can be immediately flagged. We’ll assess the situation and proceed accordingly.

However, Feed Avenue denies all liability for the information included in the provided links. The timeline and integrity of a webpage are never something that can be tolerated.

Feed Avenue rights reservation                           

The right to remove, alter, or evaluate any action that is pertinent to our webpage remains with the organization, including embedded links. You must abide by the laws and regulations, which are prone to revision.

Privacy Policy                                      

Feed Avenue values consumers’ confidentiality above practically anything else. Read the User Privacy on our website for more information. For a fulfilling and pleasurable user engagement, we urge our clients to carefully review these terms of service so that services can be enjoyed without any inconvenience.