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We must practice truthfulness throughout all aspects of our lives as competent individuals and show respect to every individual living and sharing our ambiance. Any user of Feed Avenue must uphold their legal and ethical obligations to maintain a courteous and welcoming environment. There should be no action or activity from Feed Avenue’s user side that can jeopardize or be detrimental to the peaceful working environment.

                                                          Email Policy

Your perspective and your confidentiality are the two most crucial working principles that we value the most. Besides this, if a customer is expressly solicited for information that violates his or her confidentiality, then he/she must engage us promptly to authenticate or certify our rules and regulations. Moreover, we have categorically demystified every single standard operating procedure to make the process smooth, fair, and transparent.

This webpage may occasionally require you to equip us with your personal email address. However, this often happens when an individual is prompted to provide their Gmail account in a comments section. If you’re still not convinced whether giving up a personal email account is the best course of action, then simply you don’t need to consider it.

One of our highest responsibilities is to uphold customer confidence in us and to preserve and safeguard his/her top-secret facts or data. Because we have a firm belief in maintaining our prime traditions of respecting our valuable clients’ precarious records.

Your emails to us would be merely exercised for privacy-related activities. You can be confident that they wouldn’t be saved or transferred to someone else to abuse them. Even before actions are performed, customers will indeed be promptly notified and also be taken on board if, for instance, any other activity is deemed to be carried out which has not been agreed upon earlier.

                                                      Comments Policy

Our precious customer’s suggestions are most valuable and important to us. Therefore to maintain the appreciation of all visitors coming to our web pages, we monitor and give due honor to the whole of your opinions.

It’s indeed our ethical requirement to respect other people’s limits in this particular online community as well as any other. We urge our devoted consumers to follow suit.


We appreciate any of your views that follow under a given set of rules:

  • Nobody receives an objectionable attitude or content from any of the remarks.
  • It is especially undesirable for some of the comments to include hateful rhetoric, which will be logged.
  • Racist remarks or allusions of any kind are not allowed in discussions.
  • Feed Avenue has the right to accept, consider, and reject any remarks.

                                               Advertisement Notice

Our advertising guidelines are quite simple to be perceived by every rank and file. We work with third-party marketing companies to display our adverts. Moreover, a well-known illustration of these kinds of third-party businesses is AdSense. An advertising enterprise like AdSense adds the Dart cookie function, so bear that in mind.

Additionally, before engaging yourself with our platform, you must become familiar with the system’s internal workings. Your preferences are noted, as well as the role additionally examines previous user data. This aids in offering a tailored ad experience to all clients. It is all subject to your whims whether you want customized kinds of ads or not. By simply visiting the Google advertising and content policy guidelines, any of our customers can choose to remove the Dart cookie features.

If you have any more queries or concerns regarding Feed Avenue, please don’t be reluctant to get in touch with us. We value your viewpoint and are prepared to help you in any manner we could.