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Gemini Weekly Horoscope


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WEEK OF June 20 – 2 6, 2022

Grant yourself one more birthday wish on Monday—and make it a juicy one! Cancer season kicks off this Tuesday, June 21 as the Sun hunkers down in your sensible, sensual second house. It’s officially time to plant your flatform sandals back down on solid earth so you can manifest all these dreamy notions you’ve been channeling for the past four weeks. Reality check: Which ones are feasible, affordable, and most importantly, enjoyable, to pull off? Crunch the numbers, map out timelines and do some 101 project-management.

While facts must take precedence over “fancy” between now and July 22, don’t drain all the juice out of your vision. Instead, dig deeper with your sourcing missions. Could you barter for services? Repurpose goods or find materials at a liquidation sale? Imagination leads to innovation, Twin.  

During this traditional cycle, allow yourself to be drawn in by “family friendly” types, because you’ll enjoy dancing with that part of your own personality. Spending time with parents and kids (your own or someone else’s) has a grounding effect on you for the next four weeks. Same goes for close friends. Instead of scattering your energy among all your beloved acquaintances (and we know that you really DO adore these near-strangers), devote QT to your rock-steady squad. Investing in loyal relationships pays dividends before the summer is through!  

But lest you worry that life’s about to take the turn for the boring, Venus rushes in for the rescue. On Wednesday, the planet of love and glamor sashays into Gemini for her annual visit, taking your summer love forecast from drizzle to sizzle. You’ll have your hands full of admirers between now and July 17 as Venus restores you to your fabulous prime. But feel zero obligation to choose one “candidate” before you’re ready.  With the love planet in your corner, you’ll quickly regain clarity around what you want and need. Without turning into an obnoxious diva, write up your “desirables” and “deal breakers.” (And tuck them under a crystal for a little manifestation mojo from the Great Mystery.) Give yourself plenty of, er, wiggle room. You might enjoy a hook-up as much as a happily-ever-after. Coupled Twins will enjoy flirting with wild abandon. Know where the line is—and if this irrepressible trait upsets your boo, keep it in check while you’re together, okay?

And don’t forget to utilize your Venus-blessed charm for your own “brand.” Shoot those videos, pose for the profile pics, channel your creativity into your next great work. But first, how about a sultry style update? Consider it an investment in your personal expansion!

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