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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope


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WEEK OF June 20 – 2 6, 2022

Much as you adore the bliss bubble of Chateau Scorpio, the wider world starts calling this Tuesday, June 21 when Cancer season begins. With the Sun beaming into your nomadic ninth house until July 22, your mission is figuring out how best to take home on the road. Will you rent an RV? Swap apartments with a bestie on the opposite coast? Get your curated products in travel size and just…go? Whatever the case, you need to be out there circulating again.  

Start bookmarking travel blogs and polling friends about their absolute favorite vacation spots. But don’t stop there. Get plans in motion for a getaway, and if funds allow, see if you can’t make your sweet escape before July 22. If not, what staycation activities can you roll out closer to home? It’s summertime, Scorpio, so camping or festival hopping with your tent or a friend’s RV could be a budget-friendly option. If traveling for work is your jam, let it be known that you’re an eager delegate for the company, should they need a global representative.

Stretch your horizons in the figurative sense, as well. Sign up for a life-changing workshop or develop an entrepreneurial venture that keeps dancing into your daydreams. No matter where your feet are planted, mingling multiculturally brings an enticing dimension to your life. Keep your ears perked for intriguing accents. A “oui” could soon become a “we.”

And that goes double starting Wednesday when ardent Venus wings into chatty Gemini, spending three whole weeks in your seductive eighth house. Between now and July 17, you’ll barely need to bat a lash to prove your reputation as the zodiac’s Most Magnetic. In fact, people may trip over themselves to captivate your attention. (For their sake, we hope they come correct—no one gets a final rose for free in Scorpioland!) Nothing short of a mind-blowing, soul-nourishing and visually engaging connection will do. But do allow wiggle room for people to be…human.

With your gift for discovering a diamond in the rough, you could mine a hidden gem over the next three weeks—for romance, business or a creative collaboration. (Hint: The quiet ones will surprise you…) If your mojo’s been in slow-mo, rev it up with some physical movement. Walk through nature, dance in your living room, become a gentle yoga devotee. Existing relationships could deepen beautifully by July 17—but first, you might need to pry open the chamber of secrets and get vulnerable. Diplomatic Venus can help you broach touchy topics with grace. Just remember: Timing and discretion are everything. Privacy, please!

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