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Libra Weekly Horoscope


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WEEK OF June 20 – 2 6, 2022

What does a beach-friendly power suit look like, Libra? No, that’s not a riddle. But it’s a style goal to consider seriously when Cancer season kicks off this Tuesday, June 21. As the Sun sweeps through your ambitious tenth house until July 22, it levels up your career goals to “sky high.” During this four-week cycle, you probably won’t be able to lounge “idly” by the pool, at least not from 9 to 5. Inconvenient timing aside, this is officially high season for your career! But could you take a pool-adjacent meeting from a chaise lounge? Lunch with clients on rooftop decks? This is what being a decadent Libra is all about.

Whatever rung your bubblegum sandals are planted on this summer, Cancer season is always your time to ascend. Maybe you’ll officially incorporate or write up a dream job description that you present to your boss. Since Cancer is the sign of family loyalty, extend that M.O. to your work. Take on planning a company wide picnic or a smaller team-building activity for your direct team.

Not feeling aligned with the mission of your current employer? Polish up your LinkedIn profile, circulate your resume and invest in a couple of sessions with a coach. No one knows better than a Libra that success hinges on strong relationships. Devote the next four weeks to strategically networking with the influencers in your field, even if you have to volunteer at an event to get in closer proximity to them.

While you’re busy ruling your industry, don’t let love fall to the wayside. On Wednesday, ardent Venus cruises into Gemini and your worldly ninth house, putting the “lust” in wanderlust until July 17. Travel will be titillating while your ruling planet sails these seas, so get that baecation on the books. Single? Pack some cute things, even if you’re just going to a “boring business seminar.” You just never know what unexpected delights Venus will serve. No matter your GPS coordinates, keep your ears perked for intriguing accents. Cross-cultural connections bring a high click-through rate over the next few weeks. Don’t pooh-pooh the idea of a long-distance relationship or another unconventional arrangement if circumstances are directing you or your S.O. away from each other. Anything is possible with open and honest communication, another virtue this Venus cycle upholds.

Since the ninth house also rules higher education, sign up for workshops (make that playshops) that develop your right-brained interests. Have you mastered a unique skill? Think about ways you can pass that information along. Creative Venus could inspire you to develop a course of your own. Or hey, how about that teacher-training retreat…in Maui!

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