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8 Nail Clippers for At-Home Manis


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Regardless of how skilled you are at doing nails, nail clippers are one of the most essential items to keep handy. The days of biting your nails are long gone, and it can be expensive to visit a salon each time you break a nail. Whether you have them handy for doing your own manicures and pedicures or simply for trimming down your nails in between salon visits, a proper, reliable nail clipper will keep you well-groomed and polished.

Keeping your nail trimmed will prevent less dirt and bacteria from building up under your nails. Plus, routine trimming will prevent breakage or any splitting of the nail. Here are eight clippers we find to work the best.

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Best Overall

Nail Clippers

The steel nail clipper has sharp edges and will cut your nails with ease. Even after multiple uses, its sharpness doesn’t go away.

Best for Pedicures

Toenail Clipper

This toenail clipper has classic curved blades that allow for easy, accurate trimming. It also includes a foldaway file to shape and smooth edges and clean under your nails.

Best Value Pack

Combo Clipper Set

The strong stainless steel cutting edges will let you easily clip your nails to your desired shape. Plus, you can keep one clipper home and the other in your handbag.

Best for Daily Use

Deluxe Nail Clipper

No matter what type of nail you have this deluxe nail clipper makes it easy to clip your nails with its curved blades for safe trimming and tucked-in nail file to shape, smooth and clean under your nails.

Best Heavy Duty Clippers

Stainless Steel Toenail Clipper

  • Straight blades to reduce nail splitting

The stainless steel, heavy-duty, toenail clipper has straight and sharp blades that are strong enough to cut thick toenails.

Best for Thick Nails

Edge Stainless Steel Nail Clippers

  • Dulls after a handful of uses

Thick nails don’t stand a chance against this powerful nail clipper. This curved, stainless steel blade leaves you with a precise clean cut and prevents any ripping, tearing, or jagged nails.

Not only does this nail clipper look chic, but it also works like magic. Made of black steel, it has remarkable sharpness and will effortlessly cut any nail type.

Best Grip

360 Degree Rotary Nail Clippers

These clippers can twist 180 degrees so you can clip every side of your nail. The extra-wide handle is made with a textured grip, allowing you to get a secure hold on the clippers and cut your nails worry-free.

What should you look at when buying nail clippers?

When purchasing nail clippers, nail artist Mimi Nguyen suggests looking for either titanium or stainless steel designs. “They’re rust-resistant and can be disinfected,” she says. Other things to keep in mind are the size and shape of the jaw of the nail clipper. Nguyen says to “ensure [the clippers] are suitable for your nail type and make sure to invest in a well-sharpened one to allow for easy trimming.” Sharp clippers will prevent any splitting of your nails.

How do you properly cut your nails?

Nguyen shares that not everyone’s nails are the same, and there are nail clippers for all nail types. For thicker nails, she recommends using a wide-jaw nail clipper. “It’s going to allow you to trim your nails easily without using unnecessary pressure that might crack or split the nail,” she says. A standard straight-edge nail clipper can be used for most nail types. This will help you avoid any tugging on your nails, which causes the dreaded splits.

Nguyen advises trimming from one side of your nail tip, then toward the other side “because clipping the nail from the center causes too much pressure and will crack the sides of the nail.” If you’re looking for a slightly rounded nail, a curve-edge nail clipper may be ideal.

What works best for your toenails?

A straight-edge toenail clipper will work the best for your toenails. Over-cutting the side edges of the nail can cause it to be ingrown, which can be pretty painful. It’s best to trim your toenails short and keep them square.

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