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13 Best Eyelash Curlers of 2022, According to Makeup Artists


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The difference between straight, limp lashes versus voluminous, lifted lashes? You guessed it: an eyelash curler (and, fine, maybe some excellent DNA, but hey). A good eyelash curler can make even the straightest lashes bend up and fan out, allowing your volumizing or lengthening mascara to coat every last lash to make it even more effective. So even though it may not seem like an important tool to have in your beauty arsenal, trust me when I say a lash curler is the best way to get length and volume fast without messing around with eyelash extensions or false lashes.

But if you’ve been intimidated by holding a metal clamp so close to your eye, or you’re just not sure which curler is best (or worth the money), I totally get it, and I’ve been there too. So I chatted with two experts—hi, makeup artists Dani Kimiko Vincent and Manuel Espinozato determine how exactly to choose, use, and take care of an eyelash curler, and I also found the best ones for you to snag right now. Let’s dive in.

But first, if you’re just looking for a few recs, here’s a peek at our top picks…

Our top picks for the best eyelash curlers in 2022:

    And now for the real breakdown and alllll the facts: The 13 best eyelash curlers, straight ahead.

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Best Overall Eyelash Curler

Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler

It’s the long silicone pad that makes this eyelash curler feel so luxe and makes your lashes look like they just walked out of a salon. There will be no sticking or tugging on your lashes here, just a smooth curl that only takes seconds to create. Plus, you get two extra pads and a satin case.

THE REVIEW: “I have extremely straight hair, and consequently extremely straight eyelashes. Like, they-basically-point-downward, look-half-their-length, a-little-bit-obstruct my-vision STRAIGHT,” writes one reviewer, adding, “this is the best curler I’ve ever owned, and I’ve had PLENTY.”

Best Eyelash Curler for Lashes That Won’t Curl

Preo Prima Shogyo Japanese Partial Eyelash Curler

Okay, yes, the fact that this curler closely resembles a nail clipper that belongs in your manicure kit doesn’t make it the most inviting of tools, but I promise it won’t bite. The small shape makes it super easy to get all up in your teeny lash hairs that have a difficult time curling, making it a tried-and-true favorite for anyone with stick-straight eyelashes. And if you’re someone who loves falsies, this tool is also good for clamping and blending your natural lashes with fake ones.

THE REVIEW: “I am a Filipino woman with short, sparse, and straight eyelashes,” writes one reviewer, adding, “this is the precision I have been looking for to curl the inner and outer lashes, which always get missed with a regular curler!”

Best Heated Eyelash Curler With a Comb

Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler With Comb Design

Everyone knows someone who knows someone who pulled out all of their eyelashes with a curler one time. No shade to your friend’s friend, but that’s probably not the fault of the curler and more likely the result of improper use. Even still, clamps aren’t for everyone, and this heated comb works just as well at bending and shaping your lashes. Just wait for the tip to heat up, then comb it through and press it against the hairs to create the shape you want.

THE REVIEW: “This heated curler is the best I’ve found! It gets nice and hot, which is the only way to curl my every-which-way lashes,” reads one customer’s review.

Best Eyelash Curler and Mascara Duo

Tarte Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler Duo

The fact that you can snag this Tarte mascara and eyelash curler duo for less than $20 is kiiiiinda amazing. Thanks to the purple grips on the handles and the curved clamp, this curler helps you get fluffy, crimp-free lashes every time (seriously—Cosmopolitan deputy beauty director Chloe Metzger uses this exact curler on the daily). After curling, swipe on a couple of coats of the volumizing mascara to really bring the look home.

THE REVIEW: “This is by far the best eyelashes curler I have ever owned,” writes one tester, adding, “the handle makes it easy to curl the eyelashes multiple times.”

Best Affordable Eyelash Curler

E.l.f. Cosmetics Pro Eyelash Curler

Hot tip: You don’t have to spend a sh*t ton of money on your eyelash curler—especially if you’re new to the game. This v affordable option has a comfortable handle and a contoured clamp that makes reaching each and every lash super easy. And IMO, it beats painstakingly gluing on eyelashes daily.

THE REVIEW: “The design is sturdy, it has a spring like mechanism to control clamping down too hard, and the silicone pads are easy on the eyelashes,” reads one tester’s review.

Best Wide Eyelash Curler

Lilly Lashes Lash Curler

Thanks to the wide lash pad, this eyelash curler will evenly and completely curl your eyelashes without any pinching or denting. Pro tip: Both Vincent and Espinoza agree that you should only curl clean lashes before swiping on any mascara or eyelash serum. When you clamp a curler down over mascara-covered lashes, they can stick to the pad. “That’s when the damage happens,” says Espinoza. So to avoid pulling out your lashes, make the eyelash curler step one of your lash routine.

THE REVIEWS: “This is the most comfortable lash curler I have ever used and it does a great job in getting the curl done quickly,” reads one review. “Such a great and simple product, lashes curl and stay curled easily,” reads another.

Best Eyelash Curler for rounded eyes

Dior Backstage Lash Curler

To access the tiniest lashes in the furthest corners of round eyes, you need a heavily curved eyelash curler that can reach them. Enter: this Dior eyelash curler, which is one of Espinoza’s personal faves. Yes, it’s expensive, but he truly believes that investing your money in a good eyelash curler means you’ll have it for years. Plus, compared to getting a lash lift, it’s basically cheap, right?

THE REVIEW: “This is the best curler for rounded eyes! I’ve been looking for a curler that has a little more curve than the traditional ones, and I finally found it!reads one customer’s review.

Best Eyelash Curler With Pad Refills

Kaasage Eyelash Curler Tweezers for Women

“The pad on the eyelash curler needs to be replaced as soon as you see any cuts or tears in the pad,” says Vincent. “You’ll want that surface to be intact so you get the best curl and avoid bending or damaging your lashes.” Luckily, this eyelash curler comes with five lash pad refills, so you can just pop a new one on as soon as it starts to show signs of wear. To be on the safe side, Espinoza says to replace the pad every six months.

THE REVIEWS: “It works well for my Asian eyes—I am able to get the little lashes towards the inner corner of my eyes,” writes one reviewer. “My eyelashes are naturally super straight, and I was able to achieve a curl with this product,” writes another.

Best Cult-Favorite Eyelash Curler

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

This might look like any old curler, but Shu Uemura actually set the standard for curled lashes that are quick, even, long-lasting, and completely crease-free—and it’s one of Vincent’s go-to curlers. Like the four-leaf clover of eyelash curlers, this cult-favorite product is hard to find because stores stopped carrying it nearly a decade ago, but thankfully you can still purchase it online.

THE REVIEW: “I have used my Shu Uemura curler for 20 years—a few months ago it broke, and I tried a much cheaper one…disaster,” writes one tester, adding, “I threw it out, and ordered a new Shu Uemura which will probably last another 20 years.

Best Pinch-Free Eyelash Curler

Shiseido Eyelash Curler

With edges intentionally designed to prevent pinching, this curler is the best option for someone who’s been burned (and by that I mean painfully clamped) once before. If you keep yours properly cleaned and in good shape, it can last forever (that means replacing the pads as they wear out). I’ve had mine for years, and at this point, I’ll probably will it to my favorite child when I die.

THE REVIEW: “For those with eyelashes that are hard to curl, or those who have eyelashes on the outer most parts of your eyes that never seem to get curled, this here is your bb,” reads one tester’s review.

Best Heated Lash Curler

Grande Cosmetics Grande Lash-Lift Heated Lash Curler

Not convinced you can confidently clamp anything over your eyelashes? Totally fine. Opt for a heated lash curler like this one (which you might recognize from our 2020 beauty awards), which has absolutely zero clamping involved. Instead, the heat will help shape and lift your lashes. Once it’s warmed up, place the curler against the base of your lashes, and—just like you’re applying mascara—wiggle it back and forth as you brush upward. Follow up with your favorite regular, tubing, or waterproof mascara.

THE REVIEW: “There’s a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it’s amazing! It’s a terrific little tool to have in your case,” writes one customer.

Best Eyelash Curler for Bigger Eyes

Kevyn Aucoin Professional Eyelash Curler

The clamp of this curler is longer, making it more efficient at curling the easily missed lash hairs in the inner and outer corners of larger eye shapes. And the red pads aren’t just a nice aesthetic touch—many praise them for their firmness and ability to shape the lashes with minimal pressure.

THE REVIEW: “This is the best eyelash curler I have used,” writes one reviewer who was sick of eyelash curlers pinching their lids.”It gives you a natural looking curl, and I will never go back to the drugstore option!”

Best Eyelash Curler for Falsies

Sephora Collection False Eyelash Fuser

The coolest part of this little tool is that it clamps and fuses your natural eyelashes with your falsies or magnetic lashes, leaving you with a super-seamless look. And unlike those awkward curlers that make it hard to reach tight spots, this one is designed to actually curl every one of your lashes. Consider this a staple for your most dramatic lash looks.

THE REVIEW: “I love this! I’ve never been able to make my fake eyelashes look good but this actually does the trick!” writes one reviewer.

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