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12 Best Brushes For Curly Hair According to Experts


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What should you look for in a curly hair brush?

“Look for a brush that is gentle with flexible bristles to avoid tugging on the hair. Boar bristles are preferred because they’re soft and gentle, but if you’re opting for synthetic bristles (i.e. plastic or nylon), be on the lookout for ones with rounded tips that won’t cause breakage,” says Clark. Rëzo notes that boar bristles are great for smoothing out textured hair, while nylon bristles are great for detangling. Nylon bristled brushes can also be used to define curls before diffusing or air drying.

What should you avoid in a curly hair brush?

“It’s best to try to avoid brushes with those scalp massaging balls at the tip,” says Clark. “They can potentially get tangled in your curls and cause more knots.” Similarly, Rëzo recommends avoiding brushes that have a lot of tension as they can cause breakage.

What’s the best brush for 3A-4C hair?

“I would always use a wide-tooth comb or even try finger detangling your hair for a more gentle approach,” says Clark. “Tightly coiled hair is the most prone to breaking and snapping because it’s naturally dry and compact to the head.”

How often should you brush curly hair?

Rëzo recommends only brushing curly hair once a week on wash days. Clark has a similar approach, as he suggests brushing every three to seven days depending on your wash schedule.

Should you brush your hair when it is wet or dry?

Both experts recommend brushing curly hair only when it is wet or damp, so it’s easier to detangle. This way you will avoid damage and frizz. Rëzo says “it’s ideal to brush your hair in the shower, during the conditioning and detangling process because the conditioner allows bristles to easily glide through, but only do this if you are using a wet brush for detangling.”

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