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Virgo Weekly Horoscope


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WEEK OF June 20 – 2 6, 2022

When Cancer season begins this Tuesday, June 21, your best accessories could be a megaphone and sparkly pom poms. As the Sun tears through your team spirited eleventh house until July 22, you’ll find eager hands to help advance one of YOUR pet projects. You’ve been pushing through tirelessly for the past four weeks, while the Gemini Sun powered through your ambitious tenth house. The struggle is real, but it doesn’t have to be your future reality. Let others be part of bringing your vision to life. Sharing the glory won’t dim your shine, Virgo.

If you love working alone but would happily part with the loneliness, search for collectives. Freelancing Virgos, for example, might get their support and inspo fix from joining a 10-week coaching group. Coworking spaces can also get you out of your WFH cave. Give it a trial month and see. Or just make it your mission to gather your friend group for a regular roster of summer events: street fairs, beach days, movie marathons in the cool, dark theater.

If your interests have shifted, here’s the excuse you’ve been waiting for to sample new, activity-based organizations. Before you spring for the membership package, drop in a few times to see if the vibe suits you. Since the eleventh house is also the tech sector, now’s the time to polish up your social media or move from “strictly Post-It notes” to “app based.” (Or at least a hybrid model!) Need to raise some money for a promising venture? Explore crowdfunding. Friends and fans may be happy to rally behind whatever you’ve been cooking up.

While Cancer season is about having fun for fun’s sake, don’t pack away the power suit completely. On Wednesday, June 22, enchanting Venus zooms into Gemini, charging up your career zone with possibilities. Step One? Do what Venus loves: socialize and network. Between now and July 17, WHO you know is as important as all the data swimming around in your head. Before you consider going into business with anyone, take time to discover their work style. Make sure that your values and visions align (or at least dovetail harmoniously). Strategic alliances should sing with sweet synergy on a soul level, not just a spreadsheet.

In love, it’s okay to want “more,” Virgo, and for you that may mean someone who has ambitions. Actions speak louder than words. Those late-night conversations about the co-created empire you want to build don’t mean much if you come home from a day of hustling to find bae asleep on the couch after a long day of X-Box-ing. Save your final rose for someone who lives responsibly in the 3D world. PS: There are other ways to balance the load of a relationship than splitting the bills 50/50. If you and your boo have an income disparity, the person who makes less might give in other ways like taking on a few more of the household duties just to keep it all fair and square.   

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