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The ‘Manga Lashes’ Trend Is Taking Over TikTok — See Photos


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You know what time it is: we’re here with another TikTok beauty trend. But this isn’t requiring you to apply a ton of foundation to the skin or use lube as a primer. In fact, it doesn’t take too many products to achieve the manga lash effect

For those unfamiliar with the wonderful world of manga and anime, the hairs of these characters’ lashes tend to grow into pointy clusters that are spaced out along the top and bottom lash lines, creating a spiky look. Instead of adding a strip lash to your eye, you have to carefully space out clusters or individual lashes. Longer hairs stick out from the shorter pieces creating that separated lash look. 

Manga lashes have been gaining popularity with TikTok users who want a different look. Toronto-based user Sarah Cheung (known to her over 200,000 fans and counting as @sacheu) first spotted the trend on a Chinese social media app called Xiaohongshu and decided to test it out. Initially, she posted a video, which has over a million likes at the time I’m writing this, showing her version of the trend plus a few inspiration photos before sharing an in-depth tutorial. 

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In the tutorial, she applied mascara to her lashes before cutting a Newcally Wispy Fluffy Lash into tiny short and long pieces. With D-Up Eyelash Fixer glue, she adhered each section to the eye, using the longer pieces on the top and the shorter ones on the bottom for the separated look. At the end of the video, she’s left with wispy lashes that have smaller sections of long, pointy hairs. 

Newcally Wispy Fluffy Lash

D-Up Eyelashes Fixer EX 552

Though she makes it look easy, she admits it took a little trial-and-error to figure out the easiest way to try out this lash trend. “I think it’s such a cute way to create a doll-like look, especially if you’ve always stuck to more natural looks before,” she shares with Allure. 

Cheung’s video inspired a few others to try the trend, like user Kamille Gregory (@kamgregory to TikTok fans) who thought it was fairly easy to recreate. “It definitely might take a couple of tries to get the lash placement correct and as close to your natural lash line as possible,” she notes.

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