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The 14 Best Amazon Prime Day Makeup Deals


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Just in case you didn’t know already, you can buy almost every single makeup item you need from Amazon. I’m all for spending a pretty penny or two on the latest and greatest eyeshadow palette, but when I’m on a budget, Amazon has everything you need to create a stellar makeup bag, from classic hits to newfound must-haves. And while we’re on the topic, it turns out that Amazon has just released the inside scoop on Amazon Day Prime, a should-be holiday that lets you shop at incredibly low rates. On July 12th and 13th, you’ll be able to snag even greater deals on everything from skincare, to jewelry, to electronics. But here, we’re all about the makeup. Amazon has some great early deals to shop before July 12th, and we’re bringing those to you. Here, find the 14 best makeup products on Amazon that are all on sale early.

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Best Glossy Lipstick

Super Lustrous Glass Shine Lipstick

A dupe for the much-coveted Clinique Black Honey lipstick, this product is basically a mix between a highly pigmented gloss and a tinted lip balm. Basically, it’s a lipstick that won’t make you feel like your lips are a dried-up pea pod.


Best Hydrating Foundation

True Match Nude Hyaluronic Tinted Serum Foundation

  • Can be hard to shade match

This serum foundation is so sought after that most drugstores never have it in stock anymore. The coverage is beautiful–slightly sheer, hydrating thanks to hyaluronic acid, and always glowy. If you play your cards right, you can definitely trick people into thinking your skin is just naturally flawless.


Best All-In-One Mascara

Voluminous Makeup Lash Paradise Mascara

If your checklist for a great mascara is longer than the one you have for your future spouse, this is the product for you. Lengthening? Check. Volumizing? Check. Long-lasting? Check check check. If you haven’t found your perfect mascara match yet, give this one a go.


Best Setting Spray

All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

  • May need to be re-applied

Don’t let sweat or rain ruin your perfectly blended makeup. If you plan on going out on the town and dancing with cute strangers, you’ll need a setting spray that works with your goals. A few spritzes, and you’re done.


Best Liquid Liner

Epic Ink Liner

  • Can fade after a few hours

If you want a cat eye as sharp as your wit, invest in this felt-tipped liquid liner. It’s a true black, it’s waterproof, and it’s easy to use so you don’t need to crouch in front of a mirror wielding Q-tips before a night out.


Best Under-Eye Concealer

Bye Bye Under Eye

We all want to look like we slept the prescribed eight hours a night instead of helping ourselves to that fourth glass of red wine. Under-eye concealers are strangely hard to get right, so often crinkling in our lines and making us look even more tired than we already are. This version is a knockout: it stays all day, is waterproof, and is anti-aging, too.


Best Eyeshadow Palette

Naked Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette

  • Powders can cause fall out

It doesn’t matter if you’re a glam girl or a minimalist, this eyeshadow palette can create every warm nude look imaginable. Plus, the shades are so buttery and soft, you won’t even have to spend hours blending them out.


Best Face Primer

Thank Me Later Face Primer

  • May not be suited for very oily skin

Whether you’re trying to up the ante when it comes to your foundation, or you want a single product that can make you selfie-ready, this primer is it. It blurs, it perfects, it adds a sheen. And, when layered underneath your makeup, it makes everything look glowy and become long lasting.


Best Lip Liner

Slide On Lip Pencil

If you’re trying to recreate makeup looks donned by the beauties of the 90s, a lip liner is essential. This one is great for beginners, since it’s just the right amount of pigmented–not too much, not too little.


Best Matte Foundation

Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation

  • May not be suited for dry skin

Whether you have skin that’s more oily than dehydrated, or you just want that beautiful matte skin that’s ripe for selfies, this foundation is a classic for a reason. Pores? We don’t know her. This foundation blurs out the skin, leaving a blank canvas that’s perfect for blush or bronzer.


Best Cream Blush

PhotoReady Insta-Blush

For a flush that says, “I have a crush on someone” try this creamy stick. The colors are absolutely gorgeous, rivaled only by the glowing finish they leave behind. Plus, they’re so easy to use. Just swipe, blend with fingers, and you’re ready to go.


Best Creamy Bronzer

Murumuru Butter Bronzer

  • Some may dislike the scent

Back in my day, you weren’t sufficiently bronzed unless your face was bright orange and streaky. Thankfully, we’ve evolved a little since then. This powder bronzer is the perfect mix between cream and powder: it blends like butter (hence the name) with zero room for catastrophes.


Best Eyeshadow Pencil

Crème to Powder Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick

Also known as a once swipe wonder, this eyeshadow stick is perfect for minimalists, lazy ladies, and people who just want a quick, no-fuss beauty routine. On one side, you get a powerfully pigmented, cream-to-powder waterproof eyeshadow. On the other, you get a dense brush that helps you blend it to perfect. Five minute makeup, achieved.


Best Tinted Brow Gel

Tinted Eyebrow Mascara

A dupe for Glossier’s Boy Brow, this tinted gel is the only product you need for intense brows. Just swipe it through your brow hairs like you’re applying mascara and boom, instant Cara Delevigne.

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