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The 10 Best Contour Sticks For Bomb Cheekbones


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Why should someone use a contour stick in their routine?

“A contour stick is the easiest way to apply and create contour because it allows for such precision and are usually blendable with a brush or your fingers,” says Espinal. They’re also incredibly versatile, allowing people to create both natural and bold looks. “Someone who likes more natural skin would benefit from a contour stick,” says Tricome. “Cream makeup has a more natural finish and melts into the skin, whereas powders can sometimes settle on top and look grainy. If you are interested in a very sculpted look, a contour stick is also beneficial. You can start with the contour stick as a base to sculpt the face, and then further enhance the contour or set the product with a powder contour.”

Do you have any tricks to help people apply or blend a contour stick?

“When blending out your contour, you can blend with fingers, but I prefer to use a brush,” says Espinal. “I think brushes do the best job of creating the most natural yet professionally-blended look.” The method of application is also important. “Do not apply too much product at once,” adds Tricome. “It is always best to build up the color in layers.”

How can people avoid moving their foundation when applying a contour stick over top?

“I like to wait until the foundation is fully set on the skin before going in with contour sticks. I’d definitely recommend starting with a mattifying primer or matte setting powder—really anything with a mattifying formula that dries quickly and sets nicely to create a solid, set base that won’t budge,” says Espinal.

What’s the best trick to making a contour look natural?

“A light hand,” says Tricome. “Starting out with too much product makes it harder to blend seamlessly into the skin and keep the placement where you want it. Always make sure you are blending upward. I find when the contour shade is below the hollow of the cheek it tends to look messy and emphasize an area where you don’t want a darker shade.” Finding the right shade will make the entire look appear more natural. “Pick the shade that’s right for you and make sure to blend it out completely,” adds Espinal. “I’m so proud of the work that Rihanna put into creating this shade range and Fenty Beauty makes it so easy to find your shade so you don’t have to compromise and use a shade that’s maybe not perfect for you.”

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