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Taurus Monthly Horoscope


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Chat ’em up, Taurus! You’re in social spirits this July as the Sun visits Cancer until July 22, heating up your third house of communication and local action. With energizer Mars blazing through Taurus from July 5 to August 20, (baby) you’re a firework this month. Your own neighborhood could be a hotbed of parties and celebrations that double as networking opportunities. Make the most of those Independence Day celebrations because you’ll be feeling pretty free yourself!

The July 13 Capricorn full supermoon is another liberating day as this lunar lift sweeps through your ninth house of growth, adventure and risk-taking. If you’re planning summer travel, this could be an optimal date. A budding indie business venture could take flight. The ninth house also rules learning, so you could be asked to teach or speak about what you know—or you might get the urge to sign up for a workshop yourself.

Things get decidedly more domestic starting July 22, when the Sun settles down into Leo and your foundational fourth house. It’s a great time to visit family, connect with your roots and spend quality time at home. Your personal life will take center stage now, especially at the July 28 Leo new moon.

While you’re swinging in the hammock or basking in the sun, take time to contemplate your big-picture plans. Several of the slow-moving outer planets (Saturn, Neptune and Pluto) are making their annual retrogrades this summer. Jupiter will join the retrograde brigade on July 28, giving you a few months to map out some important next moves, including a life chapter that could be coming to a close.

The month ends with equal dynamism as trailblazing Uranus and the karmic north node make a rare connection in YOUR sign on July 31. Ready to activate your destiny, Bull? With Mars hovering superclose, things could happen fast. Keep your wits about you as you’re also likely to be reactive and a little accident-prone with all this sharp energy swirling. Slow down and get centered if things start moving too fast.

Cancer season is time to mingle

Get out and circulate, Taurus! The Sun is in Cancer and your expressive third house until July 22, putting you in the mood to socialize. With all this heat in your zone of communication and the intellect, you’ll be abuzz with ideas and eager to share your thoughts. And why shouldn’t you enjoy some downtime? After a hardworking June (not to mention two restrictive summers), reward your productivity by enjoying lively parties, industry events and catch-ups with your crew. Hanging out will not only inspire you—it could connect you to like-minded folks. Some of the people you meet may become fast friends or collaborators before the end of the year.

Just remember to pace yourself: Jupiter is in Aries and your twelfth house of rest and release for the next few months. Take ample breaks between outings and, if you’re celebrating with drinks, be sure to eat enough and hydrate well. While you may feel a kindred-spirit click with people you meet, get to know them before opening up and spilling state secrets. This is not normally something we need to remind you of, Taurus, but with Jupiter in this porous zone, boundaries can blur. Let them earn your trust.

Fireworks alert: Mars-Pluto square on July 1

You can’t hold it in anymore…but maybe TRY for a couple more days? On July 1, emotions intensify when aggressive Mars in your passive-aggressive twelfth house gets into a fistfight with domineering Pluto in your outspoken ninth house. Someone is pushing your buttons and trying to start a power struggle. Or so it seems! Tempted as you are to detonate a truth bomb, you could unwittingly do a lot more damage than you intend. Do your best not to stoop to a bully’s level or to unload on someone in an irrevocable way. 

Paranoia alert: The Mars-Pluto square could bring out your suspicious side. Feel like someone’s acting all positivity and sunshine but creeping through the shadows behind your back? Before you lob accusations, get the real story. Misinformation abounds today.

The July 13 Capricorn full supermoon brings out your visionary side 

Think bigger than big in the middle of July, Taurus—and free yourself from the prison of “what’s always worked.” That is NOT the direction to take right now. Break out some fresh ideas! The July 13 Capricorn full moon is an invitation to look at possibilities far beyond your known limits. You could bring colorful characters together for a visionary project, perhaps from far-flung corners of the world.

Pack your bags—or a backpack. This is also your moment to exit city limits (or perceived limits) as the ninth house emphasizes travel, study and personal growth. A budding business venture could take flight under these entrepreneurial moonbeams, or you could be offered an opportunity to speak in public or appear in media. The only rule? Take a leap of faith—and a calculated risk—and seize the moment!

Tempers flare at the July 19 Sun-Pluto opposition

Dare to go there? Umm…only with the utmost caution, Bull. On July 19, the Sun in your communication house is exactly opposite power-tripping Pluto in Capricorn and your outspoken ninth house. Once you open the floodgates, prepare to hear—and deliver—some unvarnished truths. But keep it civil! You might want to set clear ground rules before delving into a sensitive subject since shadowy Pluto makes you prone to pushing buttons and projecting blame. No matter how angry someone makes you, do NOT go for the jugular. Take a deep breath, refrain from reacting and notch a win by staying composed.

Chiron turns retrograde in Aries July 19

Being strong, determined and relentless often solves your problems, but starting today, you may want to experiment with some different approaches. For the next five months, the “wounded healer” comet Chiron will be retrograde in Aries and your twelfth house of introspection, psychology and intuition. Chiron doesn’t get a lot of airplay, but when it makes a significant move, things can shift in radical ways, especially if you’re doing “inner work.” Everyone has a shadow side, and in this position, your explorations may accelerate. Stay positive, Bull, even when things get a little heavy! If you start to feel overwhelmed, Chiron retrograde sounds the call to seek support. Work through any feelings of shame or failure that come up when you lean on someone. No person is an island, no matter how resilient their spirit may be.

Get personal during Leo season (until August 22) and at the July 28 Leo new moon

You’ll get back in touch with your feelings on July 22, when the Sun leaves your social-butterfly sector and lands in Leo for a month, lounging in your fourth house of home and family. This is your annual domestic period, a time when you might crave more solitude or the company of your closest loved ones. Hunker down and work on a household project, then catch up on nesting and resting. Slip off to a country cabin or bliss out at a beach house. This is an especially good time to visit a favorite nostalgic spot with your S.O. or clan.

The July 28 new moon lands in Leo and brings fresh energy to your domestic sector. If you’re house-hunting or changing your living situation, this new moon opens up a new six-month chapter. Family matters take top billing, especially ones involving your mom, children or a female relative. Starting a self-care practice will earn you a boost of lunar support to keep it sustainable. Unfurl that yoga mat and create playlists with guided meditations. Load your fridge with fresh summer produce and commit to making yourself a healthy meal at least a couple times a week (if not more). If you don’t prioritize yourself, who will?

Inner work calls when Jupiter turns retrograde July 28

On July 28, expansive Jupiter turns retrograde (backward) in Aries, your dreamy, oceanic and emotional twelfth house. Since Jupiter entered this foggy zone of your chart on May 10, you’ve had to surrender certain expectations. Over the next year (Jupiter is here on and off until May 16, 2023), you’ll accomplish more by tuning into a spiritual flow. 

While Jupiter does reversals until November 23, you’ll have plenty of time to contemplate a situation that’s dragging you down or begging to be released. Surrender isn’t your go-to method, Taurus, but it’s a muscle Jupiter wants you to develop. Get in touch with your higher self and intuitive guidance by being alone or indulging in some peaceful, spiritual activities. 

Instead of trying to be the center of attention or giving too much, devote yourself to healing, innovation and transformational work. Creative catharsis could be just what you need to let the energy come unstuck. If you’ve been plagued by fears or phobias, you might consider a past-life regression or hypnosis, tapping into those deeper energetic bodies. Since Jupiter rules travel, returning to a seaside retreat you once loved could also be healing. 

While this might not be the best news you’ll ever get, there is a silver lining. Next May 16, lucky Jupiter moves into YOUR sign for a year. This will start a new 12-year life chapter, and you’ll want to be ready! Consider that your incentive to clear away anything that no longer brings you joy and fulfillment. If you’re stuck in self-sabotaging habits or patterns, get the support you need to make real, lasting change. The journey begins inside yourself.

The July 31 Uranus-north node meetup in Taurus is a game-changer

It’s game ON, Taurus. The month ends with major mojo as electrifying Uranus, the planet of radical change, makes an ultra-rare meetup with the karmic north node in YOUR sign. As these two celestial spark plugs connect in your first house of identity, major shifts could happen fast. This will be further fueled by activator Mars, which joins in a trio with Uranus and the north node on August 1. This rare conjunction could draw a clear line of demarcation for the year. It’s time for liftoff, Bull. Get ready to receive some powerful downloads—and to move on them with lightning speed!

Let the summer sizzle commence! Randy and red-hot Mars is in Taurus from July 5 to August 20, a sexy cycle that only occurs every two years. Get ready for a surge of life-force energy that makes you feel sexy and desirable (which, of course, you are!). Active Mars could inspire you to start moving your body after a sedentary spell—and you’re so ready for that. You want to feel awake, alert and alive.

With lusty Mars here, you’re prone to blindly stampeding after your hedonistic desires. As long as it’s consensual, enjoy! Just make sure you dole out that Taurus magic in a digestible dose. With the pushy red planet here, you can also come on extra strong. While it’s great to express your needs directly, make sure you’re not being demanding or steamrolling anyone.

Some of your intensity will be tempered by the other love planet, Venus, which is in Gemini and your grounded second house until July 17. A strong attraction could quickly turn into a serious thing with one special person. With pleasure-loving Venus (who happens to be your celestial ruler) in this luxe-loving zone, some five-star date nights are in order. 

On July 17, Venus rolls into Cancer and your social third house. From now until August 11, your love life will have a lighter, more upbeat vibe. If you’re single, start hanging out more in your ‘hood. An attraction could spark with a local shop owner or a fellow regular at open-mic or trivia night. Don’t forget what a rich source your own friend circle is. Ask people if they have eligible unattached friends who might be a good match for you. Couples will have fun doing things together without it being a formal “date.” Take a class or workshop together, explore your neighborhood, hop in the car for a day trip.

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Go get ‘em, Bull! Motivator Mars enters Taurus for the first time in two years this July 5, blessing you with several weeks of willpower and drive. Until August 20, set your sights on a passion project that will put your name on the map. Pour your energy into something meaningful and delegate the busywork to others.

Stoking those flames is the confidence-boosting Sun in Cancer and your idea-driven third house until July 22. Even if you’re lounging at a beach or poolside, you’ll find a way to chat up your fellow sun worshippers and either plant seeds for a passion project or make a solid new contact. Your next ingenious idea could spark from a random conversation or brainstorming session.

On July 13, the Capricorn full supermoon in your expansive ninth house puts the wind in your sails with an entrepreneurial or visionary idea. You could also be asked to teach your ideas, travel for business or be part of a startup venture. When the month ends with an electrifying conjunction between innovator Uranus and the karmic north node, both in Taurus, you could find yourself suddenly on a bold new path.

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