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Send a Final Exam Care Package


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Final exams. They come along twice—sometimes three times—a year. A time of all-nighters, cram sessions, stress, and . . . enormous relief once they’re over.

(But even when finals are over, are they ever really over? Does anyone escape the recurring final exam nightmare? For me, it’s a math class I forgot to drop and I have to take the final.)

There’s no shortcut and no way to avoid them. Final exams are the hell you just have to keep on going through to get to the other side. A rite of passage. You exist at the bottom of Maslow’s pyramid for a while, getting what sleep you can. Grabbing a quick meal when you remember to eat. Breathing.

Maybe you’re an onlooker—a proud parent or grandparent, an empathetic significant other or best friend, a supportive employer—wondering what can you possibly do to make final exams easier? Well, that’s what we’re here to talk about.

One of the best things you can do to support someone slogging through the mental marathon of dead week and final exams is to feed them.

If your student is just down the hallway, you can simply deliver a foil-covered dinner plate covered that will stay warm until break time. But if your student is across town or across the country, you’ll need to send a care package.

In this case, final exam study snacks can be an over-loaded gift basket full of a huge variety of sweets and savories. Study snacks can be a simple box of fresh fruit or cheese and charcuterie. Study snacks can be freshly baked goods. The best study food can take on many forms, but it always has this in common: it’s got to be no fuss, ready to eat, and delivered right to the doorstep.

GiftTree has a huge selection of gift baskets that make amazing final exam care packages. So, whether your favorite student is a chocoholic, a health nut, or even a gourmet snacker, we’ve got options! Simply select your final exam care package, enter your student’s address, (PRO TIP: for a dorm student, be sure to verify the address for packages, which may be different from regular campus mail) and add your payment information. You can even order in advance and select the delivery date. GiftTree will take it from there. We’ll carefully box your final exam care package, include your personal message of support and encouragement, and send it on its way!

While we can’t make final exams any easier for your student, we can make it easy for you to support them with a final exam care package. Best of all, at a stressful time of life with no time for self-care, your student will know that they’re cared for.

For seniors, the celebration continues from final-final exam to graduation day! Check out our Great Gift Ideas for Grads.

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