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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope


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Deep dive! July is your annual time to step out of the action and regroup, Sagittarius. The Sun is making the rounds through Cancer and your intimate, privacy-seeking eighth house until July 22. You might experience a few mood swings, or you could just be in “focus mode,” with your mind laser-beaming in on a detailed matter. This is an excellent month for research and tackling the intricacies of everything from relationships and unprocessed emotions to long-term financial planning.

Another reason to spend time reflecting? Three of the slow-moving outer planets are in powered-down retrograde (backward) mode all summer: structured Saturn, dreamy Neptune and intense Pluto. Spend time getting everything from your friendships to your family ties in order—and catching up on any unfinished business there. 

The July 13 Capricorn full moon spotlights your money and work in particular, an ideal moment to change your habits or pounce on a profitable opportunity. You’ll really soar into visionary mode when the Sun shifts gears into Leo and your expansive, adventurous ninth house—the zodiac sector ruled by Sagittarius—from July 22 to August 22. This golden month might be your favorite time of year, when you feel unstoppable and like everything is possible.

And it is…but just not maybe ALL at once. On July 28, your ruling planet, Jupiter, joins the retrograde brigade, making a U-turn in Aries as it pivots into a four-month slowdown. Be a little more cautious before taking those bold leaps of faith, especially when it comes to your heart. That same day, the Leo new moon arrives, bringing a burst of inspiration to your most forward-thinking projects. Plans to travel, study or launch a business could start to unfold.

Your well-being comes into the spotlight on July 31, when the karmic north node and revolutionizer Uranus make a rare conjunction (their last meetup was in 2007). This electrifying moment could inspire you to take charge of your health or bring someone into your life who can reduce stress, keep you organized and help you keep reaching for your goals every day.

Cancer season spotlights intimacy and investments until July 22

Back it up, Sagittarius. For the first three weeks of the month, the Sun is burning through Cancer, your eighth house of intimacy and power, and fueling you with intensity. Others may be having a carefree summer, with their biggest concerns being where to paddleboard and which food truck has the best lobster rolls. But with the Sun revving up this hyper-focused domain of your chart until July 22, you’re running straight for your cocoon, where you can be more introspective and spend time with your inner circle—the people you can truly let your guard down around. 

On the work front, you might attract a powerful alliance or sign a lucrative deal. Your laser-like attention really helps you get to the bottom of a pressing work or financial matter. You’re better off picking one or two areas to investigate (like a real estate deal or passive income stream) than spreading your focus too thin, which can be your stimulation-loving sign’s downfall.

Watch your reactions at the July 1 Mars-Pluto square

Should you get THAT close to the fire, Sag? Under this volatile clash of hot-blooded Mars and domineering Pluto, emotions can run to extremes. You could make a rash and reactive move, leaping into an encounter based on blind lust. Thought you wouldn’t get “hooked,” though? Guess again! Someone might be acting in a childish and impulsive manner, interrupting the stability of a relationship. Or YOU could act out in a bid for attention, creating unnecessary waves. Making hasty money moves may also disrupt your stability. While you shouldn’t discount emotion and intuition, acting ONLY on those is not the best bet today.

The July 13 Capricorn full supermoon brings a money moment

One grounding and potentially profitable day arrives on July 13, when the Capricorn full supermoon illuminates your sensible second house of money, work and security. This day could bring a job offer, a moneymaking prospect or clarity around your next professional step. You could also leave an unfulfilling job or decide to raise your rates. Your confidence gets a boost, which could be reflected in your bank balance. After all, self-worth and net worth are inextricably linked.

Power struggle alert: July 19 Sun-Pluto opposition

On theclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” same day, the Sun will make its annual opposition to power-tripping Pluto in Capricorn and your second house of money, daily routines and self-worth. You could catch a startling glimpse of how YOU push away prosperity because of some deeply rooted insecurities and fears. You may need to energetically adjust your field in order to receive the love, financial bounty or newfound power. If you don’t have the capacity to hold all that the universe wants to give you, it will be like pouring liquid into an already-full cup: All the extra will just spill out and go to waste! Do some mindset work, like affirmations and guided meditations, to get yourself in gear for limitless prosperity. When you can feel it in your gut as “true,” you’ll know you’re ready.

Chiron turns retrograde in Aries July 19

Authenticity is the name of your game, Archer, but today, as the “wounded healer” comet Chiron begins a five-month retrograde through your fifth house of drama, passion and self-expression, you could tap into other, even more genuine facets of your personality. Chiron doesn’t get a lot of airplay, but when it makes a significant move like this, things can shift in radical ways. Where are you holding back—or putting on a “show” to cover any insecurities? People love you for who you really are, and it’s finally time to fully come out and make that big reveal. Drop the mask (or the court jester routine) and be your vulnerable, loveable self!

Feeling alive! Leo season and the July 28 Leo new moon spark happiness

Adventure calls starting July 22, when the Sun soars into Leo and your optimistic, worldly ninth house—the zodiac zone that’s ruled by Sagittarius. You’re truly in your element for the next four weeks, pulling out of any emotional tunnels to reconnect with the wider world. Blue-sky visioning, travel and big ideas are your wheelhouse, and el Sol heats up the action. Your mind is hungry for new knowledge and experiences, so stock up your Kindle reader and hit the road for a spontaneous journey or two. Ah, now that’s more like it!

An ideal date for a sky’s-the-limit venture is July 28, thanks to the Leo new moon. Although your ruler, Jupiter, turns retrograde that day (more on that in a sec), it’s the perfect cosmic moment to plant seeds for an ambitious venture. A travel invitation could arrive unexpectedly in the next few days, or you might just hear of a deal and decide to hit “book now.” Got an idea for a book, podcast or inspirational business? Start drafting your plans today. Seeds you plant will grow into something tangible over the next six months.

Jupiter turns retrograde July 28

Your love life may have been a blazing bright spot—possibly a dramatic one—ever since expansive Jupiter entered Aries and your passionate fifth house on May 10. Jupiter is your sign’s ruling planet, so you’re particularly impacted by its transits. For the last couple months, the air around you has been charged with a palpable sense of excclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” itement, even if it’s been exhausting at moments. 

On July 28, Jupiter turns retrograde, tapping the brakes on romantic or creative endeavors until October 28. After that, Jupiter will dip back into Pisces and your family zone (staying retrograde until November 23). If things started moving a little too swiftly for your liking—or the spotlight has been blinding—you’ll enjoy this less-hurried pace for the rest of summer. Take a hiatus from drama and dial back the oversharing. Jupiter retrograde is a great reminder that privacy is seldom overrated!

But don’t worry, Sagittarius: Jupiter will return to Aries full-force from December 28, 2022, until May 16, 2023, bringing fame and fun back full-force! This short respite will give you a chance to catch your breath and make necessary course corrections before charging ahead again. Take your time and don’t make any knee-jerk moves if you can help it.

Revolutionize your health at the July 31 Uranus-north node meetup

Motivated to get your health and life on track? Get ready for a jolt of inspiration, Sag! On July 31, changemaker Uranus and the karmic north node will make a rare conjunction (meetup) in Taurus, sending potent ripples through your sixth house of vitality. You could get a sudden surge of motivation—or maybe doctor’s orders—to make a lifestyle shift. The sixth house also rules employees. You might do some quick hiring, firing or delegating. A key member of Team Sagittarius could depart without much notice, or you might decide to start using technology (the domain of Uranus) to help life be more efficient.

The last time the north node and Uranus were conjunct was in 2007 (in a different zodiac sign), so this is an extremely infrequent connection. On August 1, activator Mars will elbow its way into the confab, adding even more motivation to the mix. The spark of inspiration to make a positive change will catch fire fast!

Is it time to turn your flirtations into something more official? Until June 17, romantic Venus is sailing through Gemini and your committed-relationship sector. Single Sags could meet someone with long-term potential—and you might just decide to take that next step. At the very least, you’ll be open to exploring what’s possible with this person. If you’re in a relationship, harmonizer Venus helps you get back in sync and enjoy each other’s company with sweet gestures and meaningful encounters. 

You’ve already had a sizzling start to summer thanks to Mars visiting Aries and your lusty fifth house since May 24. On July 5, the red planet exits this amorous nook and zips into grounded Taurus and your health-conscious sixth house. You’re more apt to get hot and sweaty on your Peloton or on an outdoor hike than you are in the boudoir, so make use of those first few days of the month (and set up some July Fourth fireworks for a grand finale!).

The smolder returns in the second half of the month. Fear not: Your Hot Sagittarius Summer still awaits! On July 17, Venus spins into Cancer and heats up your erotic eighth house until August 11. Yes, Sag, that’s as intense and sexy as it sounds, but “just physical” won’t cut it. In fact, anything shy of a complete mind-body-soul connection will be unsatisfactory. 

Just look before leaping after July 28, when your ruler, devil-may-care Jupiter, turns retrograde (backward) in Aries and your fifth house of romance. An ex could resurface, or you might be pulled into a dramatic dynamic (e.g., fight, make up with wild abandon, repeat). Think twice before going there.

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For the first three weeks of the month, the Sun is in Cancer, heating up your eighth house of joint ventures, long-term finances and shared wealth. A powerful alliance could heat up by July 22. If you’re looking for a backer to fund your latest venture, this is a good time to make that big ask. Not sure when to pitch your ideas? Aim for the July 13 Capricorn full supermoon, which will send potent moonbeams rippling through your second house of work and money.

Are all your systems in place and ready to handle whatever project you take on? Go-getter Mars is in Taurus all month, heating up your sixth house of organization and helpful people. From your admin team to your service providers to the way you stay on top of projects, use this cycle from July 5 to August 20 to lock down things under the hood.

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Luck Days: 28, 11

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