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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Pisces Weekly Horoscope


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WEEK OF June 20 – 2 6, 2022

Where are you ready to take a giant leap forward, even if it’s a leap of faith? This Tuesday, June 21, the Sun beams into Cancer, fueling up your fifth house of fame, glamor and true love until July 22. Cancer season always commences with the summer solstice, which is perfect for illuminating your next game-changing steps. Whether you’re starting from scratch or have trekked farther down your path, make this process playful, not painful, Pisces. (We have to remind your self-sacrificial sign of this!)

For starters, put your talents on display in a way that feels most natural for you. For example, you could challenge yourself to post a video daily on social to get a buzz going. Or literally head to a tryout or audition. Since there will be no shortage of attention coming your way, play up your flair for fashion, wearing those vintage or bespoke numbers that no other sign can pull off quite like you do. And don’t forget to wear your heart on your sleeve. Your Summer of Love is officially underway—and it’s peak season for the next four weeks. Leave room in your calendar for dress-up dates and romantic picnics in the park. Even “old marrieds” should make the effort to fill your shared cultural calendar with outdoor films, concerts in the park and DJ sets till dawn. Got babies (or kittens) on the brain? During this fertile solar cycle, you’ll get a buzz from spending time with cute, cuddly little things. If the time is right, start trying for a bambino of your own or scope out four-legged adoptees. Cupid AND the muse are calling for your attention now, which means you may give birth to a creative brainchild by July 22.

In between all the excitement, you’ll enjoy luxuriating at the Pisces Palace. And when beautifying Venus wings into Gemini and your domestic quarters this Wednesday, you could get obsessed with feathering and feng shui-ing your (love) nest. Your sensitive sign needs a comfortable space where you can recharge your empathic batteries and host your inner circle for dinner parties and weekend visits. With the decor muse sitting on your shoulder, turn an unused area into your meditation space or personal artist’s studio. Cooking, gardening, redoing the bedroom are all Cupid-approved activities for coupled Pisces during this transit.

But privacy is a prerequisite if you want to get in the mood for love. Of course, finding an opportunity for “just the two of us” can be tough if you have kids or roommates, or live with your folks. This may be your cue to slip off for a weekend at a lakeside cottage—or even a one-night staycation in a boutique hotel. Single? Stop chasing after the touring rock stars and tortured artists. The nice ones could sweep you off your feet if you’d only give them a chance!

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