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Pack the Perfect Picnic Basket


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Memorial Day marks the start of summer. The days are longer, our schedules tend to lighten up, and mother nature is resplendent with blooms and lush summer shade. Nothing celebrates summertime better than a picnic. What a great way to enjoy nature! To help bring that relaxing, summertime vibe, we’ve created the Ultimate Picnic Basket Checklist! In addition to delicious and easy-to-eat picnic foods, consider these items to create your ultimate summer picnic.

The Ultimate Picnic Basket Checklist

⬜  Lightweight Basket, Tote, or Cooler Opt for easy to carry, waterproof, and durable.

⬜  Blanket/Beach Towel/Tablecloth Anything that’s large and easy to launder makes a great picnic blanket!

⬜  Low-Seated Beach Chairs If you have them, pack them!

⬜  A Trash Bag  Makes cleanup SO much easier!

⬜  Paper Towels Double duty bonus: use for clean-up tasks and as napkins

⬜  Moist Towellettes / Baby Wipes If  kids, sauces or both in the picture, you’ll need these.

⬜  Plates Lightweight and eco-friendly are the way to go!

⬜  Utensils Depending on what you’re having, you may need serving ware, too.

⬜  Cutting Knife, Small Cutting Board Precut some things, but we recommend cutting cheese and charcuterie on site for freshness.

⬜  Corkscrew or Bottle Opener If your picnic destination allows alcohol, these are essential!

⬜  Plastic Cups  Reusable if you can!

⬜  Ice Packs or a Bag of Ice Pro-tip: frozen water bottles or juice boxes can do double duty!

⬜  Drinks Avoid carrying glass if you can and remember to bring plenty of water—and don’t forget Fido!

⬜  Salt & Pepper/Condiments The perfect use for all those packets in the kitchen drawer!

Picnics Are Memory Makers

From a simple spread of PBJs and bananas to an elaborate affair with gourmet fare and fine wine, picnics are a wonderful summertime tradition. And remember, if a pop-up shower tries to dampen your plans, the same picnic blanket set up works indoors too—and makes the memory that much sweeter.

A to Z Cheese & Charcuterie Board

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