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Julia Fox Just Reminded Me That Black Lipstick Isn’t Only for Halloween — See Photo


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Julia Fox is rarely one to show up somewhere looking subtle. The actor is almost always very extra when it comes to style and beauty. Remember her Victorian alien clown makeup? How about her allegedly human-hair clutch? But even though the outfit she wore to attend the PrettyLittleThing x Naomi Campbell runway show in New York City last night was among her most shocking, I was delighted to find that her bold lipstick choice is actually really wearable.

Fox arrived at the fashion event with her long, straight hair a shade of berry-leaning auburn and frosty white eye shadow reaching from the inner corner to out beyond her brow bone. But the standout element of her beauty look was definitely the black lipstick.

There was a time that black lipstick felt appropriate only for a lazy “this is my costume” Halloween look, but it’s hard to deny how chic it can be outside of October. And when you’re so ready for summer to be over (like I am), the goth look has a special lure — a certain je ne sais quoi that can make you want to step out of your strawberry and latte makeup comfort zones.

I was hoping Fox might have matched her lipstick to her nails, but she not only didn’t wear black nail polish, she didn’t wear any nail polish. But her lipstick does perfectly match her oversized leather jacket, which covers a metal bikini so teeny, we can’t show you the bottom half of it.

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