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Find Your Difficulty Benchmark – Next Level


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So you know your Difficulty benchmark, and you’ve compared it to your current list of target keywords to better fortify your strategy. But what if you want to find new keywords to target? Or spot keywords that you may have missed, haven’t thought of, or have been considering exploring? Well, I have a bonus step to add to your workflow to help you find those new opportunities.

The Keyword Suggestions section of Keyword Explorer offers the ability to find new keyword opportunities to track and target. Start by entering a keyword you’d like to research – it can be one you’re already ranking for or an all-new keyword related to your site or business. Once the list of keyword suggestions populates, click the Filters button at the top of the table. Using the drop-downs, select a Difficulty range that matches the range we identified in Step Three. In the example below, I’ve opted to extend my range to include the lower end of my “stretch” goal for Difficulty to identify some keywords for my long-term strategy, as well.

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