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Elle Fanning Shares How Her Love of Vintage Translates to Beauty


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While Memorial Day Weekend is the kickoff to the summer season for many, it’s Cannes Film Festival for in-demand celebs. It’s the day after Elle Fanning’s Cannes red carpet debut, and she’s gushing: “Cannes is such a glamourous place, but it’s also on the beach, so during the day, I try to be very glowy; I want to stay fresh, and I like a dewiness to the skin.” The Great actress is on the go—right after Cannes, she is heading to Paris and then back to London to start filming Season three of The Great. Nevertheless, she takes 15 minutes from her beach day to talk with ELLE about her summer beauty routine, which era inspires her red carpet looks, and the key to kicking nail-biting.

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For Elle Fanning, journeying to the South of France means it’s time to kick up her sun protection. “My summer beauty must-have is sunscreen because I’m the palest person ever,” she laughs. Low-maintenance beauty looks are in, focusing on skin, which is in alignment with the beauty looks Fanning loves. Fanning likes to keep her off-duty routine simple when not on the red carpet simple: “I always have a concealer; L’Oreal has this kind of crayon, True Match Concealer. It’s like, the lightest one, but it’s so perfect,” she reveals. Like many fans of the affordable product, Fanning raves about the formula—“It goes on easily. I love it. That’s always in my bag.” In addition to concealer, Fanning loves blush. “That is my number one,” she states regarding her “must-haves”—“I want to look like I have rosy cheeks,” she explains.

However, when it’s time to turn up the glam, Fanning isn’t afraid to go bolder and looks to Old Hollywood to show her the way. “I have always loved [Marilyn Monroe]—Grace Kelly [too],” she shares, which is no surprise, as it’s public knowledge of Fanning’s love for vintage clothing. Her style choices are reminiscent of the era. The star was spotted wearing Lapima’s Julieta sunglasses in black days before. The chic cat-eye frame paid homage to an age she loves. “The 50s-60s are my favorite beauty era regarding makeup. I think it’s glamorous and sexy for a woman,” she coos. She’s a fan of the cat-eye, originating in ancient Egypt and popularized in the United States in the 1950s. “I think it really can make you stand out, but I’m not doing it myself,” exclaims Fanning before adding, “Oh God, I can do one [eye], I just can’t do the other one!”

While a cat-eye maybe her red carpet go-to, she splurges on getting manicures consistently, no matter the occasion. However, her luxe must have more, which regulates a lousy beauty habit. Fanning confesses, “I used to bite my nails badly. And I just recently grew them out. So, I’m going to the nail salon because I want to keep polish on them. I don’t want to bite them off again after being a nail-biter for so many years.” She is adamant about keeping a consistent appointment with her nail tech because it’s helping her bite the habit (pun intended).

“That carpet is just huge, a 360-degree situation. You have to look good from all sides,” Fanning emphasizes. She divulges her look for the Top Gun premiere and reveals the inspo was old Hollywood, “Big cat eye, some false lashes, nice rosy cheeks. It was fun. I call it my baby doll look.” With the crystal bow in her hair and imperfect curls, it’s safe to say her entire team understood the assignment.

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