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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


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WEEK OF June 20 – 2 6, 2022

If you’re on a deadline—self-imposed or otherwise—there’s no need to battle your way to the finish line alone. This Tuesday, June 21, the Sun blasts into Cancer, powering up your seventh house of dynamic duos. This is also the summer solstice, a powerful day (and night) for setting intentions and bringing initiatives to completion. Between now and July 22, partnerships become a higher priority for you. Let el Sol’s illuminating beams guide you to people who can lighten your load. There’s no debating the fact that you have high standards, Capricorn. But believe it or not, there are a few mortals walking the Earth who can live up to them. Since Cancer is your opposite sign, search for complements rather than clones.

If you’re in a solid relationship, you can deepen your bond by talking about more emotional subjects and sharing your unfulfilled desires with your beloved. Single Caps will be magnetic under this solar power surge, and the only obstacle to your buddying up might be your own limiting beliefs. (Worth looking at!) Considering a professional or creative collaboration? Screen potential partners carefully. The wrong one will bring frustration you neither need nor want. But with the right one, you can make magic!

Warning: Don’t overload your schedule. Having the Sun in your opposite sign can also be a low-energy period when it can be harder to “fuel up.” Regulate your pace to avoid burning out. Rejuvenate with regular (but not overly strenuous) exercise, vitamins, and treatments like massage and acupuncture that help your kundalini rise.

Another nudge to get back on the wellness wagon arrives this Wednesday, as radiant Venus grapevines into Gemini and your wellness zone until July 17. Make sure there’s plenty of room in your schedule for self-love. But you don’t have to put your relationship goals on hold to do so: Turn your bedroom buddy into your workout partner—then, enjoy a sexy Iron Man when you’re back to base. Single Caps could meet your match through a hiking club or while you’re taking a surfing lesson. For the next few weeks, organize your social life around physical activities and see what gives. Since the sixth house also rules work, beautifying Venus can lend her eye to your office set-up. Look for pieces that are both functional AND aesthetically pleasing. With all the design choices out there today, there’s no reason that even a filing system can’t be part of the decor scheme.

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