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Cancer Weekly Horoscope


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WEEK OF June 20 – 2 6, 2022

There’s so much to celebrate this week—and not only the longest day of light in the Northern hemisphere: Cancer season kicks off with the summer solstice this Tuesday, June 21. That means, the Sun will be charging up your attention-getting first house with “all about you” vibes until July 22. If you’ve been dwelling on drama, shake it off. True, that might mean cutting bait from stressful activities and friendships that have taken a turn for the toxic. You don’t have to burn bridges…just go do other things. You can start by picking up the ball on any passion projects that got shelved during busier times. Sign up for the personal growth workshop, hit a music festival, winery or spa weekend.

Your introspective sign cherishes your “me time,” but this active month is more about freedom than solitude. Float between friend groups, head to events on your own and see who you meet once you arrive. Increased autonomy won’t hurt your relationships or your odds of finding love. In fact, anything you do that’s in alignment with your authentic desires only makes you MORE radiant. Not for nothing, Crab, that is the secret to magnetizing relationships that allow you to flourish and shine.

While you’re off feting the Festival of Cancer, you might just get swept into a fairy tale. This Wednesday, June 22, love planet Venus drifts into your boundless twelfth house making you more receptive than ever to people’s sultry advances. Logic may NOT be your guiding principle, but pleasure and fantasy, on the other hand? More, please. The only caveat? As Venus drops a rose-colored filter over your view, you’re susceptible to trying things that could upset the apple cart later. Before you experiment, think past the excitement of the moment. How will you feel in 10 hours, 10 days and 10 weeks? If a wilder notion passes that test, well hey, Cancer, please enjoy!

Coupled Cancers will enjoy a baecation to a woodsy cabin or tropical beach; somewhere remote where you can chill and recharge. After a couple nights of restorative slumber, you might be back to the honeymoon phase. Day trips to the beach can do wonders, too, should you not have the vacation time to spare. If you recently weathered a breakup, devote this cycle to healing. Stop sleeping in your ex’s band tee or wandering down the blocks where you might “accidentally” bump into each other. Mourn and mend your heart by clearing the space for new memories. If an old flame returns to your arms, it will happen according to Murphy’s Law: When you’re so busy loving YOUR life that you don’t even care about being in the relationship (that much) any more.

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