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Aries Weekly Horoscope


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WEEK OF June 20 – 2 6, 2022

Ready, set, feather your nest! If the Aries base camp feels like anything less than an oasis, that’s all about to change when Cancer season begins this Tuesday, June 21. As the Sun decamps to your domestic fourth house, you need a proper chill space and creative sanctuary. Cancer season is your downtempo cycle each year, when “putter time” rouses your inner genius. Rearrange the furniture—or learn to feng shui it with our Home Reset course! Build shelves, refresh your decor and clear a space where you can unroll your yoga mat and stretch into Warrior I and II. Aries on the hunt for a new address should put out feelers to your social networks. A friend-of-a-friend could be your ideal future roomie; or maybe they’ll recommend you to the co-op board of their exclusive building.

In between nesting, head to the beach or lounge poolside as often as you can. Water soothes your fiery soul during Cancer season. So does quality time with your innermost circle. Reconnect with relatives and friends from back in the day. There’s no better time of year to bond with the nurturers in your life. In fact, they might be the only people capable of luring you out of your lair. Beyond reminiscing, some of these conversations could evolve into talks of a home-based side-hustle. You just can’t help yourself, o’ enterprising one!

And while you’ll want to disappear some days, don’t go 100 percent radio silent. On Wednesday, June 22, charming, coquettish Venus heads into Gemini, giving your articulate third house major juice. Whether you’re flirting on Bumble or pitching a project, you’ll have extra wooing powers between now and July 17. Wield this gift with care, Aries. Just because you CAN talk people into a romantic notion, doesn’t mean you should. Unless they’re fully engaged, you’ll wind up dragging them along for the ride. A better plan? Get lit up as you speak about your passions, then, take note of who mirrors your sparkly enthusiasm.

During this three-week jam session, kindred spirits could crop up from within and without your inner circle. Better still? The common ground might lead you straight to a love connection. Not that you have to rush into anything formal during this lighthearted Venus cycle. Even coupled Rams should ease off the gas and “enjoy the now.” Strengthen your baseline bond of friendship with play dates, cultural activities and adventurous road trips. Whee!

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