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Aries Daily Horoscope – Free Aries Horoscope for Today From the AstroTwins


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June 25, 2022

Did you think you might get going on your weekend punch list on Saturday and hopefully cross off a few of the biggies? Not so fast. The moon is still nestled in Taurus until evening, so an easygoing tempo is more appropriate. It can be challenging for your speedy sign to embrace a “slow and steady wins the race” philosophy, but try taking your M.O. down a notch and notice the results. Running errands could become a pleasant quest that includes a couple of breaks to commune with Mother Nature. After la luna segues into communicative Gemini on Saturday night, you won’t have any trouble finding help if you could use an assist. Under the influence of Sunday’s appealing moon-Venus confab in your mindset zone, an eye-opening convo can be a turn-on. This cosmic combo highlights the pleasure of an intelligent exchange, so draw people out with open-ended inquiries that get a dialogue flowing. You’re in for a good time if you focus on being an attentive listener. Contribute here and there, but give yourself the gift of enjoying someone else’s fascinating intellect.

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