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23 Best Foundations for Dry Skin 2022, According to Makeup Artists


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Foundation can be one of dry skin‘s worst enemies — if you let it. Instead of smoothing out parched patches and quenching flaky zones, the wrong formulas can cling, cake, settle, and pill in all the wrong ways. No, thank you. Our fix: hydrating, creamy foundations that are rich in pigment and don’t skimp on skin-nourishing ingredients. (Yes, it’s time to step away from the powdered formulas. It’s for the best, and these creamy foundations are just as lightweight. Trust.) 

We asked about a dozen Allure editors and celebrity makeup artists to share their recommendations for the best foundations for dry skin. With their picks, foundation fear will be a thing of the past. These formulas will leave your skin feeling and looking as supple and radiant as your favorite moisturizer. (When in doubt, err on the side of liquid foundations with moisture-boosting ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, vitamin E, squalane, and more.)

Keep scrolling to discover our favorite foundations, along with the illuminating and glow formulas that makeup artists actually keep in their kits, like the creamy stick foundation fellow makeup artist Delina Medhin swears by for women of color and the skin-like serum foundation that was one of the originals — and is here to stay.  One thing’s for sure: it’s time to glow up with these dryness-combatting base formulas.

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