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2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Husbands


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best gifts for men 2022

Irish sweater, $145, to underscore his hot dad vibes. (This green is great, too.)

best gifts for men 2022

Salt and pepper grinder, made in Copenhagen, $65.

best gifts for men 2022 gin mayo

Award-winning gin ketchup and mayo. While “it won’t get you drunk,” say the makers, “it will get things going.” Perfect for roast chicken, burgers and fries. $12.50.

best gifts for men 2022

A game for two that’s actually fun: Date Night, Couples, Duet. From $7.45.

best gifts for men 2022

A novel you read and loved this year, $17, or a gripping audiobook, $39.

best gifts for men 2022

An aromatherapy massage! In a cabin! In Brooklyn!

best gifts for men 2022

A candle from a cool husband-and-wife team. Notes of potato, etrog citrus, black pepper and olive. $65.

best gifts for men 2022

Magic tricks to wow your little dudes, $11.

At-home print subscription to the weekend paper to read together over breakfast, $5/week…

best gifts for men 2022

…plus a New Yorker cartoon mug to make him laugh, $22. (Or a mug of your kids!)

best gifts for men 2022

Romantic dinner out

best gifts for men 2022

…or a favorite meal he loves made by the person he loves.

P.S. The 2021 gift guide for husbands, the 2020 gift guide for husbands, and the 2019 gift guide for husbands.

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